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Photography Holidays

Please look in the Photography Holiday section of this website for details of our Walking With a Camera in the Alpujarras holiday in October 2017

Expert tuition

Tuition is available on a wide range of general and specific areas of photography and can be customised to suit you, your camera and your aspirations. Some of the topics covered are detailed over the next two pages, in each case the style is relaxed and informal with time spent looking at the theory followed by plenty of practical application.

Whilst are normally for individuals. it is possible to arrange sessions for two people if you have a friend, colleague or partner who shares your interest. The cost for two people is £40 per hour (£20 each) with a minimum of two hours. Gift vouchers can be used in payment or part payment for any of these sessions.

Photography Experiences

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY. A morning spent photographing Fallow Deer in Petworth Park with expert guidance along the way.You will learn about controlling aperture and shutter speed settings to make sure you get clear, sharp images, you will also learn about ISO, white balance, aoutfocus settings and getting exposure right. From9am - 12.30 walking through the beautiful deer park, you will need a camera with plenty of zoom and some comfortable walking shoes.

MOTOR RACING AT GOODWOOD. An opportunity to learn the art of action photography at the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit. You will start by practising panning techniques, then we move to different areas of the track to find out how angles and camera settings can bring control and creativity to your shots. From 9am - 12.30, you are welcome to stay on for longer at the circuit if you wish.

These experiences cost £100 per person and are available for individuals or for you and a friend.

More details are available below.



The ideal Christmas or Birthday gift for all photography enthusiasts, gift vouchers of any value from £10 can be purchased. Vouchers are attractively presented and can be used in part or full payment of any of the sessions, experiences and masterclasses listed here.

Please view the SALES AREA of this website and look under the Gift Vouchers section to buy online, or email for more details.


These masterclasses concentrate on very specific subject areas and aim to give you a good grasp of the techniques involved by combining a brief theory session with a longer practical exercise. This usually involves  2 - 3 hours on location. You will be shown how to set up your camera and given guidance on how to get the best shots. These sessions are for individuals, couples or a small group of like-minded friends with plenty of one-to-one assistance. The aim is that you will have an instructive, enjoyable time and go home with some good shots.

NIGHTSCAPES Low Light Masterclass (Cameras with Manual controls) 6.30pm - 9pm (winter only) COST £75 with reduced rates for groups.

FIREWORKS Learn the art of creative firework photography (Cameras with manual controls) Dates in Oct/Nov 6.30pm - 9pm COST £75 reduced rates for groups.

ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY Beginners/Intermediates (DSLR, System & Bridge cameras) Dates all year 9.30am - 12pm COST £75 reduced rates for groups.


Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography

This is a half-day session for those wanting to develop their wildlife photography skills. We will be exploring the 700 acre deer park at Petworth Park home to around 900 Fallow Deer. You will need a camera with plenty of zoom to get you in close, a tripod to steady your camera may be helpful. We will practice using Aperture and Shutter Priority settings on your camera and look at ISO, White Balance, autofocus settings and exposure adjustment. This is for individuals and pairs and should be a should be a great experience with some good shots to take home. 9am - 12.30 am COST: £100  



Exploring the world of long exposure photography. Exploring around Chichester (or a location of your choice) experimenting with street scenes, floodlit Cathedral shots, reflections on the canal and car light trails. Equipment: Cameras with manual exposure and focus controls, tripod. Location: Chichester.

Cost £75 2½ hrs. Times vary - winter only.

Photoshop Elements for Beginners

Photoshop Elements for Beginners

For photography enthusiasts who want to learn some of the secrets of the 'digital darkroom'. Looking at basic image editing (cropping, sharpening & tweaking), retouching (removing objects & blemishes), creating & using layers, adjusting perspective,creating panoramas, converting to black & white, creating borders & frames, using text, resizing images and much more. By the end of this session you will be able to find your way around Photoshop Elements, edit & improve your images.

COST: £100 per person. A 3½ session for one or two people.

Manual Camera Controls.

Manual Camera Controls.

This course is for all camera owners who would like to learn how to get more from their cameras by getting off auto settings and taking control of the cameras settings. You will learn to control how much is in focus in your shots by adjusting aperture, how to freeze of blur action shots by controlling shutter speeds, how to work in low light, use long exposures and get a lot more from your camera. You will learn how to use Aperture priority, Shutter priority and full Manual Mode, how to adjust ISO and White Balance settings, and use your cameras flash creatively. This course will open the door to a whole new new area of photography allowing you to be more creative and more consistent with your photography. This is for one or two people and mixes theory with practical exercises. Comprehensive notes are provided. You will need a camera that offers full manual controls, DSLR, System and Bridge cameras are usually ideal. If you are not sure about your camera please ask. A 3½ hr session costs £100.